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Forensic SIM card examinations

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Subscriber Identity Module/
SIM Examinations.

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a smart card that is used in all Mobile phones; it stores a vast amount of user data and network information which is required to activate the handset for use. The important aspects for mobile telephone forensic evidence currently are
1) To find which calls have been made from the mobile, including the number dialed with date and time.
2) To find which calls have been received by the mobile including the number received with date and time.
3) To obtain the data stored within address book/ phone book.
4) To obtain the details of recent SMS messages received and sent. 5) To obtain the pictures/video clips stored on the phone or sim or memory card.

We produce a SIM Forensic report that includes the following information

Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) the sim cards serial number
International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) A unique identifying number held on the Sim allowing a gsm network to identify the phone.
Mobile Country Code (MCC) A three digit code that defines the originating home country of the sim card.
Mobile Network Code (MNC) a two digit code representing the originating home network of the sim.
Mobile Subscriber Identification Number (MSIN) A unique ten digit identifying number used to identify the subscriber to the Network.
Mobile Subscriber International ISDN Number (MSISDN) A memory location available to the Network provider to store the subscriber number The memory location can be edited/ modified by the users.
Abbreviated Dialling Numbers Telephone numbers stored in sims memory
Short Message Services (SMS) A Short Message Time and Date relates to when a message was received by the senders network (SMS Service Center) to included any Deleted Messages found on sim.This is recovered from the sim without contaminating the contents of the original; more information can be obtained from the sim and supplied if required and specified at the commencement of the examination. Sample reports are available on request, for more information Contact Us.

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Sim card forensics The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a smart card that is used in all Mobile phones; The SIM can contain valuable evidence.
USIM card forensics The USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) is a smart card that is used in all 3G Mobile phones; The USIM can contain more information than a standard SIM.
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